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Mini pistons and rings. - Quinny
Here\'s a subject that will have most of you racking your brains.

I race a Class 1 Mini in autograss,and have just recently detonated 1 of a new set of 4 pistons.A nice little hole has appeared in the top,and to say I\'m mighty fed up would be an understatement.

I am therefore looking for 1 new piston to replace this.Easy,you may say.Wrong.The piston is an oversize 60 piston for a 998cc car,with 3 rings on it.I have scoured far and wide to get a replacement,but they are like hens teeth.There is a part number on the top which is JP0524A,and no-one seems to be able to help.

The question is my dear friends,if anyone knows where I can obtain this or an equivalent piston,then I would be extremely grateful.
Mini pistons and rings. - LHM

You might have to hum 'Waltzing Matilda', though......... :-)
Mini pistons and rings. - Homme van Blanc

Mini pistons and rings. - Quinny
Well what can I say.I have tried both of the sites that have been given,and I must say,I'm gobsmacked that someone was able to come up with the JP information.I have e.mailed them for a supplier in the UK,but if anyone knows of a one,and can get me the information before they reply to me,then I will be very happy.

Many thanks.

Mini pistons and rings. - Peter D
What punched a hole in the piston ?? are your exceeding 7,500 rpm have you got throttle control to stop you from closing the thottle from that high rpm ???? Are you running unleaded on more than 10.5 to 1 and what plugs are you using ?? Regards Peter
Mini pistons and rings. - Quinny
Hi Peter,
I run Class 1 in Autograss,which is basically a standard(?) class.It's mostly 2nd gear stuff flat out at about 5500 rpm for about 4 laps.The engine has just been re-built,and last week,the day before our clubs first meeting,it was put on the rolling road.It went in with a pinking problem which was almost cured,but the following day,it re-appeared.The timing was checked,and it had slipped to 42degrees.Not good.The timing was then put back to 28degrees,and it ran like a dream,but I guess,due to the pinking,the damage had already been done.Also,the head gasket had gone between 3 and 4.

I run Optimax with Castrol Valvemaster additive and NGKBP6ES plugs.If I'm honest,I didn't do a compression test on it,but once it's re-built again,it's one of the first things I will check.

And thanks to the guys on the previous replies,I've got 2 addresses of UK suppliers of +60 pistons.
Mini pistons and rings. - Quinny
Piston supplier now found in the UK and replacements ordered.Should be here tomorrow.
Mini pistons and rings. - Gaild
Piston supplier now found in the UK and replacements ordered.Should be
here tomorrow.

I am also a class 1 driver along with my dad and looking to go from +40 pistons to +60 pistons please can you let me know who the suppliers you found for the +60's

Thank you

Gail Davies
Mini pistons and rings. - richy
Bit late now as I see you already have a new piston on order but I have a complete 998cc mini engine and gearbox still on subframe with driveshafts etc with what appear to be cooper s front hubs (AP racing brakes). Also complete rear subframe and box of loads of other bits of a '87 mini, including adjustable shockers. Was going to ebay it eventualy but its up for grabs for £100 the lot if you're interested. Stuff's in Shrewsbury and my no's 07812133283.

(Mod's: I realise this should go in classifieds but I found it relevant to the thread)
Mini pistons and rings. - smokie
"Bit late now" - especially as the thread is resurrected from 2003! :-)

Feel free to stick it in classified too...

smokie, BR Moderator

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