Fuel Consupmtion since the Fuel Blockade - will rose
My question is has there been a general deterioration in fuel consumptions following the recent fuel blockade. I have a '94 Skoda Favorit GLXI which gives a regular 44 to 47mpg which I consider excellent. (I check at every fill) The fill on 26/9 gave 42mpg, 15/10 39mpg, & latest 20/10 39mpg.....a marked drop.With crude prices as they are & pressure to keep prices at the pump down...I pay 79.9 in Staffordshire....I believe petrol has been deliberatly weakened, a drop in octane rating. We have a Fiesta which has also shown a deterioration. Friends have also noticed this. In the past whenever fuel prices are low due to high competition etc I have also notice an increase in consumption. If so what an excellent way for the Government to increase income. What do you think?
RE: Fuel Consupmtion since the Fuel Blockade - honestjohn
Dear Will,

Because the oil companies had to engage in swapping (supplying each other's fuel stations from each other's refineries) you did not necessarily get the dedicated product. For example, if you got the minimum octane petrol required by law with a poor or no existant detergent package your fuel consumption could be expected to rise up to 10% compared to your consumption on a slightly higher octane petrol with a good detergent package such as unswapped Shell.

RE: Fuel Consupmtion since the Fuel Blockade - Cliff Pope
Isn't illegal to swap the 'packaging' on a product so that it looks like someone else's? If I buy a tin labelled Heinz baked beans I expect it to be what it says, not Tesco economy beans.