Air Con Efficiency - Huw
I have a 99 Vectra and I'm wondering what I should expect of the Aircon.
If I set the airflow to recirculate and the aircon to max cool what sort of temperature difference should I expect between a thermometer in the middle of the car and one in the aircon output?

Thanks in anticipation of an educated response.
Air Con Efficiency - Dave N
Vent temp should be around 5*C, regardless of external temperature. This is because the evaporator can't be allowed to drop below 0*C otherwise it will freeze and you'll get no airflow. In this country, and with engine turning at a reasonable rate, it should achieve this with no problems at all.

What the temp is at the middle of the car is anyones guess, with the sun load being the crucial factor, and external temperature being much less important to the temperature achieved, due to the reason above.
Air Con Efficiency - Huw
Thanks Dave

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