Air quality. - mal
I have been to London a few times, the last time about 5 years ago.

What was always evident on those visits was how polluted the air was in the city, proof of this was how dirty the collars on my shirts were at the end of the day plus the muck that ended up in my handkerchief.

I live in the North and have never experienced anything like that up here.

So was it all the traffic especially the diesel taxis that caused the pollution and is it any better today?.
Air quality. - mal
Surely someone has a comment on this one,

Please, please, please, It's not very nice when you get a nil response. :-(
Air quality. - Gen
The problem is that people in london are super fit so they don't breathe as much as people in the north, and so don't do their part in cleaning the air.

On behalf of the Mayor of London I thank you for using your lungs to help keep the City clean.

As a gift from the City of London we grant you a free days driving through the centre. So we can identify you please take the number plates off your car.
Air quality. - mal
Guess it's dark shirts and a surgical mask next time I visit then :-)
Air quality. - Dwight Van Driver
Leeching onto this post...

What is the difference between air conditioning and climate control on motor cars?

Why, from the problems raised in this Forum, do we need air conditioning as it now seems you cannot get a motor without it?.
It doesn't appeal to me as I have hairs on my chest..

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In general 'air conditioning' means that incoming air can be cooled down as well as heated up; 'climate control' means that there is a closed loop system which tries to maintain a constant temperature.

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