Delivery of NIPs - Armitage Shanks{P}
The law used to be, apart from the 14 day stuff, that a NIP had to be sent recorded or registered. This has apparently now changed so that 1st Class means that it is deemed to have been received by the registered keeper. With the PO admitting to losing 500,000 itmes of mail a week, this means that you might not receive it and, if you didn't actually post it back, you could always say that you sent it first class (same as them) so it was deemed to have been received. Of course that would be untrue but might it work or would they just issue another NIP, which would presumably be outside the 14 days, so would that 2nd one be valid or not?
Delivery of NIPs - Dwight Van Driver
... and little piggies fly A.S.

NOIP dispatched in the time limit by a method outlined under RTA 88 is held to have been served so it matters not if it goes walkabouts.

But are you confusing the NIP with the rest of the paperwork that comes apparently when you say cheese to a camera at speed?
In which case if not returned within 28 days then Conditional offer has not beeen accepted and Court slot booked. Whether you could argue on this and have the days of grace extended would be a matter for the FPT Admin. My one and only brush didn't have any affect.

Delivery of NIPs - Peter D
Search back under speed cameras for Butterworths LAw which is the official act on this and I do not recall it being changed, Recorded and Resigered still stands but they do not use it and expect the recipient ot just pay up. I think. Peter
Delivery of NIPs - Dwight Van Driver
Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988

Sect 1A.. a Notice required by the section to be served on any person may be served on that person.....

(mentions personal service a and b)

c) by sending it by registered post, recorded delivery service OR
first class post addressed to him at his last known address.

Sect 1A (2) A notice shall be deemed for the purpose of Sub Section (1)(c) to have been served on a person if it was sent by registerd post or recorded delivery service addressed to him at his last known address, notwithstanding that the notice was returned as undelivered or was for any other reason not rceived by him.

Sect 1A (3) The requirement of Sub section 1 shall in every case be deemed to have been complied with unless and until the contrary is proved.

That's the Act itself. Butterworths is prompter to the real thing. Copy above my wardrobe right now.

Delivery of NIPs - Peter D
I recall it also detailed the time of 14 days. So if you have not received a NIP by about 16 days after the offence i.e. allowing for non delivery on a Sunday, then the NIP either has not been sent or is no longer valid is that correct Dwight Regards

Delivery of NIPs - Dwight Van Driver
Peter D

NOIP has been flogged to death in the past.

Have a look at

which should answer your query.



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