Peugeot 306 Window Wiper Problem - slinka
My front and rear wipers suddenly stopped working when i was driving to work today.

The water washer jets don't work either (front and back)

Could this be a fuse or relay problem?

Please help me as i am not sure where to look!!! (fuse number etc)

Peugeot 306 Window Wiper Problem - Dynamic Dave
Doesn't the handbook tell you which fuse protects what circuit? If you haven't a handbook, Haynes manuals are often available to browse at the local library.
Peugeot 306 Window Wiper Problem - Altea Ego
sounds like fuse, pop the lid or cover off the fusebox. There should be a guide printed or embossed on it that shows what fuse does what. look for the picture of windscreen wipers. There should be spare fuse of the correct rating (colour) in the lid or fuse box.

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