French MOT - martin
It's a long shot I know! But does anyone have any knowledge, experience of getting an MOT (control Technique) in France? I am about to ask for one for my 1995 VW Passat, which is imported into France. Any ideas as to strictness, EU laws concerning general MOT standards pan Europe etc etc....

many thanks (i know this is an awkward one)

French MOT - terryb
How's your French?

Interestingly, if I read it correctly, it's only needed every 2 years.

French MOT - DavidHM
If I get time I'll translate this later on for those whose French is less good.
French MOT - smokie
Google have a useful IE toolbar which you can download and install. Amongst other things, it gives improved searching capability and also Translate This Web Page. So you load a page then get it to do the hard work for you. It has done a pretty reasonable job on the link above.

The toolbar can be found at
French MOT - Hairy Hat Man
Alternatively, just click on 'language tools' on the Google home page, and then cut and paste the url of the page you want translating.
French MOT - kex
Only needed every 2 years. But if you sell the car after 6 months of a fresh MOT you must have if re-MOT'd.

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