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Who is/are Micheldever Tyres - J Todd
Micheldever have been mentioned a few times in this forum.

Can anyone tell me who/where they are?

What is so good about them?


(John Slaugter seems to have been away for a few weeks - anywhere nice?)
Re: Who is/are Micheldever Tyres - Roger Jones

I've used them. I'm about to use them again, having found out that their price on Michelin Pilots undercuts the local Kwik Fit by £50 per tyre. They've got state-of-the-art alignment kit for only £18.00 a session, and they'll fix any problems there and then for an additional modest fee. They're clean, courteous, well informed, well stocked and well organized, and HJ has done us a favour by repeatedly mentioning them. I'm happy to travel 130 miles for their services (tip: get there early and don't go at the weekend if you can help it, as they then have queues stretching hundreds of yards/metres).

What fascinates me is how such a large and professional tyre company comes to be located next door to an obscure railway station, a few houses and a village green. Is it the Salisbury Plain military business that underpins the operation?
Re: Who is/are Micheldever Tyres - Ian Aspinall
I'll second that, having made the trip down from South London to Micheldever a few weeks ago for a set of new tyres. My only gripe is that they close ridiculously early (about 2pm, IIRC) on a Saturday and don't open at all on Sundays - judging by the queues when I was there, I'm sure they'd have more than enough custom to make it worth their while extending their hours.
A good opportunity for a franchise - J Todd
Thanks for your replies.

It seems this Company could do with a little growth (just two or three more branches - no more please, otherwise they will become as bad as the big boys).
Re: Who is/are Micheldever Tyres - peter todd
you would be even more inpressed if you were to meet tony todd (no relation!) the owner of Micheldever Tyres, a real keen businessman who got into flogging tyres to workmates at Lansing Bagnells for their motors in the 60's, he doesnt suffer fools gladley, but he has built his empire up to be the biggest independant distributor in the south.

They keep a huge stock of tyres at their winchester warehouse including the best range of tractor tyres in the south, as a company we have allowed our accounts with several of the major tyre outlets to lapse as we have been dealing solely with MD tyres for many years. their on site fitting staff match the rest of their business, if I can't fit or repair it myself then they are the only ones that we have in- you can't afford to stuff the bead in on some of the big ag tyres that can be more that £500 a time (+ vat!).

I must add that its surprising we have not had an article yet in the motoring section of the daily telegraph on MD seeing that they are ofton praised (quite rightly) by HJ

ps- as for the salisbury plain military business idea, they once got a caterpillar rubber track repaired for me once, but I don't think they any of the steel army ones!
honest - I am not related - J Todd
What a co-incidence. I have no connection with Micheldever, and had never heard of them until I saw references on this forum!

I am amazed that my question has resulted in giving a plug to an outfit owned by a Todd, and also drew an answer from another Todd.

I am in Surrey and have never been near Micheldever tyres.
Re: honest - I am not related - Sweeney Todd
For the record, neither am I!
Re: honest - I am not related - peter todd
bit late for the growth bit- I think there are 12-16 depots in the devon, dorset,hants,surrey,middlesex areas that are run under other names and are small compared to HQ

would "sweeny todd" fancy a come back? would like to suggest a prat in a deadend street in westminster with a black door!
the real sweeny todd - Mark

what crap: pies are my trade are you after a franchise or what?

as ever

Re: micheldever - other names? - J Todd
Peter Todd - Do you know what names the Surrey branches trade under? Again, many thanks for your genuine response. Ignore the "little boys" who waste HJ's time & money on this site.
Re: micheldever - other names? - peter todd
i'll see what i can find out
Re: Who is/are Micheldever Tyres - John Slaughter
Yes, Italy!

Lovely weather.



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