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Anyone had to change/use adblue for their vw. Looking at a Passat 2.0tdi estate but have read the need to get this topped up changed? How often and how much does this cost
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My 2014 Sharan uses AdBlue, its not a big deal and would not worry about it. You top it up yourself eigther from 2L bottles which are expencive or from a 10L container. A full tank of 17L will cost around £20 How much you use depends on how you drive but I have only used 10L in 16000 miles but allow for double that. The EURO6 cars may use a bit more You can also buy it straight from a pump at truck petrol stations for less than £1 / L

It can be topped up anytime but I tend to do it every 6 months just to be sure.. To use the 10L container you need a hose with a valve on it which costs £10 to £15. Access is via a removable panel in the boot or I think the newer cars have a cap at the fuel filler.

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Our EURO 6 Transit vans at work need a 20ltr top up approximately every 4-5000 miles. But obviously they are working harder and using more diesel than most cars so probably go through it quicker.

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Is the typical cost of adblue being factored into the fuel consumption figures for cars so equipped, i haven't done the sums involved is there a ball park figure, say the average equivalent cost of 0.5 or 1mpg to be accounted for?

Or is this cost another nice surprise they forgot to mention a few months down the line for the average car buyer, who will no doubt end up at (any make not just VW) main dealer paying through the nose.

Passat - VW Adblue - Stanb Sevento

Just did the sums. 0.09 p per mile or 90p per 1000 miles. Its a cost but a relativly small cost in the scale of things. From what Ive been able to find out its used when you accelerate hard and the EGR valve closes and a lot of NOx is produced. Also under higher loads and motorway speeds. A lot of my driving is just ambling along around 45 to 60 that seems to use little.

No they dont mention it in the showroom I had to ask them and the salesperson had to go and ask someone else, same with the diesel auxiliary heater, that took a group hubble to answer. Shocking really.

Passat - VW Adblue - gordonbennet

Thankyou Stanb Sevento, handy to know a rough cost for car use.

You obviously know what you are doing so presume you self fill which keeps your costs down, so would twice your costs be what the average buyer pays, who needs the dealer to do the job for them?

Maybe they don't mention it by design so it becomes some awesome technical wizardry best left to the technicians at service time, does the owners handbook give instructions?

Passat - VW Adblue - Stanb Sevento

Yes I fill it myself because its so easy, its no more than filling a screenwash bottle. The only reason you need the valve is you cant see the level and it would be easy to overfill and it overflow. All my local VW dealers charge £1.50 / L and top it up at no charge, they also top up oil, screenwash and coolant at the same time for free, the only thing they charge for is the AdBlue. Not bad. I just cant be bothered driving the 20 minutes to get there. There is a very basic instruction in the handbook but U-Tube was better.

I believe there is a policy of down playing the need for AdBlue but when I bought mine 2 1/2 years ago the vacant look on the salemans face tells me there was a lot of ignorance as well.

Passat - VW Adblue - gordonbennet

Fair enough, thankyou.

Impressed with the dealer offering top ups at retail fluid cost only.

Adblue filling on lorries couldn't be easier but that isn't stopping some of the more challenged from putting Diesel in the adblue (rare), and rather more disastrously expensive, adblue in the fuel tank (not as rare as it should be).


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