No such thing as a bad new car? - bartycrouch
It's said that its impossible to buy a bad new car nowadays, but is it true? I have had a go in a couple recently that I would categorise as having design flaws bad enough to ruin the car.

206cc - The roof is a costly failure waiting to happen. I have even seen one that has never been in an accident that has a twisted roof.

Mini with CVT transmision (Note: I am knocking the CVT version only) It's jerky, has little standing start acceleration, can be really thristy (under 20 mpg) and must be the only automatic that feels like it's going to stall!

Now I know that I might upset some people, but I really do think that these two models were completely underdeveloped.

No such thing as a bad new car? - Grey Pete
How about the Citroen C5 for a car that is still not right, for many owners, two years after it was introduced.
No such thing as a bad new car? - Mondaywoe
A few early C5s had teething troubles. Some of them were bought by owners who had little or no knowledge of Citroens, but who were attracted by unbeatable good deals. Others were serviced by dealers who simply hadn't had time to catch up with the technology.

This did not, however, make them 'bad' - or even intrinsically 'unreliable' cars. Not by a long chalk!

How many 'problems' crop up on the 'technical' threads with C5s? How many with Mondeos, or Focii, or Vauxhalls.......I could go on.

C5s put me in mind of Baddiel and Skinner's theme tune

'It'll never'll never work.....'

Of course it does - supremely well - warts and all! Please don't tell everyone, though, because sales will take off and Citroen will feel less inclined to offer cashback to mugs like me.

No such thing as a bad new car? - Morris Ox
I'd refer you to bits of my thread about cheap barges, where you can read the sad story of the Renault Avantime, a design study which should never have been let out of the studio; the Peugeot 607, which has all the logic of a Scorpio.

IMHO, we should also nominate the talentless Chrysler Neon; the Daewoo Musso and Fiat Doblo (both straight out of the ugly tree); Ford Fusion (couple of inches taller than a Fiesta and, er, that's it); Jeep Wrangler (come on boys, the war's OVER!); Merc Vaneo (taking the you-know-what); Mitsubishi Carisma (what's in a name?); Tata Safari (Tata and goodbye!)


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