Cracked number plate. MOT? - blowpipe
Someone has kindly cracked my front plate, about three splits surrounding the fixing point. Because of the laminate on the surface, it has held together and is clearly legible with nothing missing. Will this damage cause problems at MOT time?
Cracked number plate. MOT? - duggie
l recently had an MOT failure for that very reason, dont think it matters whether the plate is still legible or not. Still look on the bright side if this is the only problem consider yourself fortunate!!
Cracked number plate. MOT? - Gen
on the other hand, i've gone thru several mots with cracks...think depends on your tester more
Cracked number plate. MOT? - blowpipe
50/50 so far. Has anyone got the inside track on official MOT requirements for plates, as if in my favour I'd love to quote chapter and verse to a tester if he's wrong.
Cracked number plate. MOT? - martint123
Usefule web site for mot's

I won't cut and paste for (c) reasons, but it looks like as long as the cracks don't affect the numbers/letters and is not insecure or likely to fall off you should be ok.
Cracked number plate. MOT? - blowpipe
Many thanks for this, a very useful link.
Looks like I'm in the clear with a bit of rear reinforcement to the plate. I've got a Saab 9000 which doesn't have a recessed bay on the bumber for a numberplate, so this has happened a number of times since I bought it.
Cracked number plate. MOT? - Vansboy
Apart from legalities of having un-damaged plates, as they're the first thing anybody looks at, on the car,if you're concerned with basic up-keep, it makes sense to replace, rather than have them tatty.
Thats just one of the reasons we fit new,to all our sales vehicles, giving a subliminal good first impression!
Plus, of course,an obvious damaged item to be displaying, which could result in a Police pull.
Cracked number plate. MOT? - blowpipe
Take your point, but this car is a 140k shed in the process of destruction by three small children (largely the cause of numberplate snapping as clothes etc snag as they run by). As the body/interior suffers a progressive annilation, cost savings are sought wherever possible.
Cracked number plate. MOT? - FFX-DM
I got an 'advise' over three MOT's with a wee chip out of the bottom of my front number plate. However, the plate that flew off a passing bike on the M4, causing me to brake hard, still managed to hit the plate and chop it in two vertically (thank *goodness* it did not hit the windscreen!), so I had to get a new one at that stage. The original chip did not affect legibility in any way, but I have always considered my MOT garage of choice to be on the 'kind' side.
Cracked number plate. MOT? - Andrew-T
Agree Gen. The tester just makes a value judgment about what is acceptable. The meticulous places will insist you fork out for a new plate - usually the front one, so the car easily gets an unmatched pair. Can't see it being done for profit, there's not much to be made on a plate.


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