Car sunshades - P.Mason {P}
I was thinking today about those sunshades that are placed inside the car against the windscreen, specifically the aluminium foil type. The set up is exactly the same as the solar heating panel on the roof of my son's house - a glass panel with the reflector placed about three inches below it. According to the specs. of the heater, it produces temperatures of more than bright sunlight. This should ensure that the inside of the car gets nice and warm!
A black shade would get hot on its surface, but wouldn't cause the same heat build up,-perhaps the most efficient surface colour for cooling would be a mid grey.
Any reflections on the subject from Backroomers?
Car sunshades - Ian (Cape Town)
I'm sure the "Foreign Legion" [Growler, Mark (ex-Brazil) and Oz (as was) ] would agree with me that these things are essential in warmer climes.
As far as the solar affect goes, it is a vast improvement on the heat which builds up on a matt-black dash!
I actually have some smaller ones for the side windows as well, as there is nothing worse than getting into a hot car, when wearing shorts, and burning one's buttocks on the hot seats.
Then there is the ultimate joy of driving down the road using only the index fingers, as the steering wheel is too hot to hold!!!
Car sunshades - slefLX
I'd much rather have the slight sauna effect that comes from the sunshade than burning my hands on my Disklok - and that's before I can drive using only my index fingers ;-)

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