Peugeot 405 advice. - glowplug

Could current 405TD owners answer me a couple of questions, I've just bought a lovely GTX TD estate with full dealer service history and just 72k on the clock but not really having driven one for along time I would like to know what's 'normal'.

The clutch feels stiff/heavy is this usual, would you recommend lubricating the cable and pedal pivot point?

The turbo seems to come in at 2000 rpm and seems quite 'steady/smooth'. I drove a estate TD years ago a couple of times and that seemed much more 'aggressive' and powerful. What do others think?

One final thing, the exhaust sounds as if it's blowing but a usual check of the hand over the end of it seems to indicate otherwise. Is it just the way these motors sound? When the exhaust finally goes, I'd like to go for a stainless one, any comments?


Peugeot 405 advice. - Crinkly Dave
I have a 405 petrol estate, which is now on 182k (101k in my possession)

The clutch should not be that heavy. I would check the cable route, and whether the cable itself is stiff. One pecularity of the 405 (mine anyway) is the plastic clip which connects the pedal end of the cable to the pedal. If your clutch gets too heavy it will snap. It is incredibly difficult to get to. I can do it by feel now, but when one snapped in Wales the local garage took off both pedals to get at it. I carry a spare!!

The exhaust joint between the manifold and the first pipe has a joint clamped together with a couple of springs to give tension but allow movement. There is a large ring which forms the seal. This can wear and produce a lot of noise. Make sure you get the correct fitting kit, as they often break coming apart
Peugeot 405 advice. - Vansboy
Are you sure the exhaust blow isn't,air intake? Pipework to the air filter box, damaged/loose/Or the box insecure.
Hate to think of cost for a stainless system, but someone will let us know!!
Peugeot 405 advice. - Fullchat
Put yourself a fresh clutch cable on and check its route you should be surprised. If it still stiff/notchy it could be the plastic bushes in the bellhousing which support the actuating arm. This is a gearbox out job so it could also be a good time to replace the clutch if you are going to keep the car.
Peugeot 405 advice. - glowplug
Thanks for the advice. I intend to keep the car, hopefully for a long time. It's taking a bit of getting used to after a small hatchback, especially the cost of filling the tank, it's about twice as expensive as the 'hatch!

I'll look into a replacement cable and probably a set of glowplugs from Andyspares (?).

Any comments on the feel of the turbo?

Peugeot 405 advice. - Fullchat
You will feel the turbo but its not earth shattering. But then it is a diesel.

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