Peugeot 405 - cracked heads ? - Jools
If my old nail of a Mitsubishi dies I was going to get a 405 Diesel estate (seem to make reasonable workhorses) and then a friend in the trade says -

"don't touch one they crack heads for a pastime"

Anyone comment ?

I have searched the site and not a single reference to 405s so couldn't verify any other way.

Peugeot 405 - cracked heads ? - DavidHM
Do another search for XUD head. I wasn't aware of the problem and people on here recommend the Citroën ZX with this engine as a cheapie on an almost daily basis.
Peugeot 405 - cracked heads ? - Dave_TD
I'm under the impression that's the non-turbo diesel Peugeot 405 that cracks heads. The turbo diesel doesn't suffer from the same problem. But don't quote me on it!
The only hard evidence I have is knowing of at least 3 Peugeot 405 turbo diesels each having covered 350,000 miles plus without head cracking being a problem.
Peugeot 405 - cracked heads ? - duggie
I've owned a 405TD for the last 4yrs, the head has never cracked, the only problem l've had is the head gasket blowing twice, replacing the gasket on these engines is quite involved and if the work is carried out by a garage quite expensive (£400-upwards). But having said that l would gladly buy another, these are comfortable reliable workhorses.
Peugeot 405 - cracked heads ? - RichardW
Getting on towards 8 million XUD units have been built to date - if there was a serious problem with 'cracking heads' then I doubt this many would have been made! Having said that, the engine is iron block / alloy head and if overheated it WILL crack the head - even a small overheat can ruin the head. So, if you do buy it is important to make sure that the coolant has been, and continues to be, regularly changed, and that the cooling system is in good order. Along with regular oil changes this will see 250,000 miles plus from these engines - with most TD's needing a new head gasket at around half that mileage (I did my BX TD at 136,000).

Peugeot 405 - cracked heads ? - oldtoffee
I'm a regular reader of Diesel Car and it's been one of their topics for ages with many owners (well you would get some with 8 million units out there I suppose) confirming problems. From what I recall, it might have something to do with air blocks on refilling the coolant system and having to rig up some sort of header top up contraption at a certain height. As you can see I'm a real techie!!
Peugeot 405 - cracked heads ? - M.M

Nail on the head...owner induced failure is far more common than design/material induced failure.

Many years ago (15 plus?) there was a faulty batch of heads (cracks/coolant issues?) but it was always said these would fail within 30K so they were all sorted (sorry G) by the time they were a few years old.

Excellent solid engine free from high tech problems.

Peugeot 405 - cracked heads ? - Matt At
It was usualy the earlier 1769cc turbo units that cracked heads. They finished production in I think 1992 when the 1905cc unit took over. These rarely crack heads.However I would imagine that most if not all of the remaining 1769's have the modified head by now.

Peugeot 405 - cracked heads ? - rg
I ran my 405 1905 non-turbo (0-60 the same day!)to 250K+ and it had a blowing head for around 50K, but did not lose coolant, and power was not affected.

This was caused by a faulty fan (bad earth).

I endorse MM's observations. Very tough motor. But not that resistent to overheating.

MM has a very learned explanation of how a head should be skimmed. Once lifted, the head problems tend to reoccour unless done properly. The best policy is to check cooling/coolant regularly.


Peugeot 405 - cracked heads ? - Reggie
I\'ve had a 1.7, 1.7td, and 2.1td of XUD type, and have done approximately 130,000 miles on these engines with no problems with the heads. The 1.7td was a high miler as well.
Peugeot 405 - cracked heads ? - Dave_TD
Anybody want a free K-reg 405 GLDT saloon? Good engine, rear lights, bootlid with spoiler, doors, interior, basically everything except front nearside corner of car. I tried this in the Classified section a few weeks back with no joy. Email for more info!


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