High Mileage - DavidHM
www.highmileage.co.uk has lots of high mileage cars.

I know that they\'re a good buy, if they\'ve been well maintained, as they\'ve usually had bottomless maintenance budgets and an easy life in fifth gear, at full temperature, on the nation\'s motorways, but...

£7k for a 2 year old Mondeo LX with 128k?!
or £5k for a 99V Focus estate with 115k?

Some of the prices aren\'t nearly as silly but still... how much do you reckon they paid at auction for them? It\'s an interesting concept though, being so upfront about the high miles - I guess they must be going for people who know how to look for a good car, rather than those who simply want one in a pretty colour.

You forgot to put the space before the http:// bit. Corrected - DD.
High Mileage - Morris Ox
Love to know who's behind the mobiles and where they're based. Like you say, the odd one was interesting, but a fair few have been bettered in Autotrader. £6k for a three year-old 100k 2.0 litre Omega auto? Nah...
High Mileage - Gregory
I think a lot of motorway miles is good for a car, but then how can you be sure that they are? Very difficult.

Also, motorway drivers tend to drive very fast i.e. 90 mph, which still wears out an engine. Also, many aren't driven in properly, and owners sometimes thrash the engines.

Back to the first question: how do you know that a car is solely used on the motorway?
High Mileage - DavidHM
90 mph in fifth isn't too bad for an engine that is designed to be reliable at 140 on a German Autobahn. Running in isn't as important as it used to be, either, and there is of course the risk that arises from overly long oil change intervals.

I accept that you never know how much of a car's mileage has been done on a motorway. However, if it's been a company car, rather than a taxi, to do 30k+ a year kind of needs a lot of that time to be spent in free flowing motorway traffic - or the driver wouldn't have time to get any work done.

I also noticed the Flash speedo; I was thinking about the exhaustion point as well :-)

In any case, buying cars is a risk game. The fact that they don't have a site, or even a landline - they're somewhere in the south east as they're about 17 miles from me in south west London, according to AutoTrader - increases the perceived risk for me; I agree with Gen on that point.

On the other hand, I would generally rather have a big discount on a 3 year old with 100k than pay a big premium for 20k, because it's unlikely to have been clocked or driven around when cold in second like the low miler. The maybe £3000 saving will also go a long way if the car somehow turned out to be a complete dog even if that is more likely with the high miler than the low miler.
High Mileage - Tomo.
I like the way the speedo rises up to 66 and then falls back to 42, suggesting exhaustion.
High Mileage - Gen
67k on a 97P range rover and 55k on 98 audi aren't so much either...complements to the webmaker for thinking of a web address to make people notice and talk...but since you are part of the shifting mobile brigade i won't be calling you...
High Mileage - Jonathan {p}
Domain Name:

Scenario Developments Ltd

Registrant's Address:
40 -42 High Street
GU24 8AA
High Mileage - Morris Ox
Think you'll find that Scenario Developments is probably the team behind the webiste, not the business.
High Mileage - DavidHM
Almost certainly. Usually businesses like that register through a big national registrar anyway, so it's fairly useless. I don't think it's done to conceal their identity, just that they don't know how to register a domain themselves.

On the other hand, the fact that they're based in Chobham, which is about 17 miles from me, suggests that the dealer is local to there.
High Mileage - davo
In some respects it is a niche market. The Mondeo looks poor value, but that said, the 318 is a cheap way to get into a beemer if you only do average to low miles and some of the other prestige look OK.
High Mileage - BigBoab
Would depend very much of who the one owner was. Hire car company? Leasing company? Car pool car? Or individual driver? Still no guarantee that it hasn't been thrashed.

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