Tyre trouble? - Gen
Just noticed that at some point a tyre has being wrongly changed. Means running with 3 165/70R13 and one 175/70R13. Which means one tyres 1cm wider and 0.7cm higher so 1.4cm total higher I guess. What do people reckon on the sensibility of this?
Tyre trouble? - DavidHM
Undoubtedly, you should get 18" wheels all round, grinding the arches where necessary to make them fit.

Probably nothing bad will happen, but there has to be a marginally increased risk if you are in an extreme situation. Probably it's akin to knackered shocks or something like that.

Given that these are cheap tyres to replace, I'd put a new pair on (so that tyre wear is even and the car doesn't tend to pull to one side) which will be under £50 if you don't mind a cheap make.
Tyre trouble? - Another John H
I'm sure the Police/insurers would love it if you came to grief:-{

According to


there's 2.49% difference in the rolling radius.


ALT John H
Tyre trouble? - ShereKhan
Its not a good idea. If you leave the tyre on you will fail the MOT!
Tyre trouble? - frostbite
If you leave the tyre on
you will fail the MOT!

Eventually. How many testers would spot that?
Tyre trouble? - Altea Ego
>Eventually. How many testers would spot that?

First time out on my wifes R5 - I never noticed, you dont check tyre sizes when you are doing a pre MOT check on the wifes car do you?
Tyre trouble? - Dynamic Dave
What size/condition is the spare tyre? If good and matches the sizes of the other three, why not swap it and use the oversized tyre as the spare instead.
Tyre trouble? - bafta
Presumably you don't know who fitted the tyre, otherwise you would ask them to replace it as it is their mistake. I have had to do this.


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