Laguna Brakes - stefanta
I have a 99 T Laguna 1.6... .I have noticed lately that when I brake hard such as coming down from 60mph to stop for a roundabout, the steering wheel judders ever so slightly. I used to have a Cavalier and as far as i can remember i didnt do this.. is this normal or is it a sign that somthing major is going to happen to the breaks. if you break lightly it\'s ok.
Laguna Brakes - bernie
Your disks are probably warped.
Remedy is new disks and new pads.Easy job should take about 30 minutes or less each side .

I know cos I,ve done it !
Laguna Brakes - DavidHM
Yes, this is a classic sign of warped disks. This frequently happens when the brakes heat up after high speed braking.

It's not normally a cheap job, unfortunately, if you want a franchise to look at it, although just about any garage can do the job as it's easy on most cars.
Laguna Brakes - stefanta
Thanks everyone, the cars still under warranty so ill get the garage to do it. :-)
Laguna Brakes - Dynamic Dave
Thanks everyone, the cars still under warranty so ill get the
garage to do it. :-)

Unless the brake discs have physically broken, it's highly unlikely the warranty will pay for replacements. They are servicable parts and generally where warranties are concerned are just classed as fair wear and tear components.
Laguna Brakes - mj
Do you keep you foot on the brakes when you come to a halt after braking if so then the heat generated in the discs and pads form localised hot spots which will lead to warped discs try using your handbrake once in a while it,ll save someone money.
Laguna Brakes - tobyn
I wonder if warped discs are more common on French cars. I had a couple of ZXs and both kept on developing the same symptoms as did my wife's Clio. My present car (a 91 3 series BM) gets far more heavy braking yet is wobble free..
Laguna Brakes - Mondaywoe
I had a succession of Renaults through the 1980s. They all had to have their discs replaced after comparatively low mileages.They usually just rusted and pitted away, rather than warped. Then I bought a Xantia in 1993 - kept it for 9 years/ 100,000 miles - only needed discs once as I recall. Now have C5 and it looks OK too. I think Renaults always had a bad reputation for braking gremlins.


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