For oil - BobG
Among other vehicles I have just aquired an LDV Convoy minibus (Y reg ) with a 2.5DI engine - I think this is the Ford Transit engine. Can anyone tell me tho oil requirements and change frequency for this engine ? I have contacted my LDV dealer who wants silly money for a handbook ( it has no handbook but a genuine 9500 miles ) I normally use Millers full synthetic diesel oil in my other diesel vehicles - will it be suitable ?
For oil - Vansboy
You'll be fine with the Millers, your bus falls into LDV's extended service interval plan, so will probably tell you 12000 mile intervals.
Every other thread here, will say 5000 ish is a better idea.
Did the dealer think you wanted a handbook/workshop manual,VERY ££££, rather than the dashboard, owners booklet, which I think you you mean?These would be a minimum cost item.
PS Don't read Big Van thread, on this page!!
For oil - No Do$h
Have you tried a commercial breakers yard for the handbook? Should be able to get you one for pennies.


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