new car for 10-12k any ideas - kal
Hi guys have 10-12k to spend on a 5 door /saloon hatchback 2-3 years old. What do you recommend? must be very reliable - so no ford, vauxhall, peugeot, renault. Must seat 4/5 manual. Running costs should be reasonable in motoring terms.

I was personally thinking of newer shape VW Passat TDI...any suggestions or Volvo S60. Thanks.
new car for 10-12k any ideas - DavidHM
No Ford, Vauxhall, Peugeot, Renault? I wouldn't necessarily say they were less reliable than a VW, except the Laguna and maybe the 406... a Mondeo will be newer and in your budget will have almost 3 years' warranty and at the top end of it, you could get a brand new one. Depreciation will be heavy, but I'm sure parts costs would be lower than on a 2 year old Passat.

An Omega is a bit of rear drive flash, if you like it. Otherwise I'd be thinking Audi A6 or S60, although S60s in your bduget will be high milers.

How many miles per year do you do?
new car for 10-12k any ideas - kal
The new mondeo is good but just look at thos prblems people are having with the TDCI engines? Audi A6 GOOD CAR, just do not like the thought of sheling out a grand for a new cat, they usually go after 3-4 years. But I suppose s60 parts are expensive. How does Audi reliability compare with Volvo?

I do 15-20k per year
new car for 10-12k any ideas - Andy P
2002 HONDA ACCORD VTEC SE 2.0 Litre engine,
5 door, Hatchback, Satin Silver, 5000 miles, ABS Brakes, Sunroof, Air Conditioning, Alloy Wheels, Central Locking, Alarm, Driver's Airbag, Multiple Airbags, Power Steering, Immobiliser, Cruise Control, Climate Control, Electric Windows £11995.

Suit you, sir!!

new car for 10-12k any ideas - Dynamic Dave
must be very reliable - so no ford, vauxhall, peugeot, renault....

Why do people assume that one car is less reliable than another? If properly maintained and serviced then any car should be capable of getting you from A to B.

Anyway this is more of a Discussion subject than Technical, so I'm firing it over to the Discussion forum. DD.
new car for 10-12k any ideas - googolplex
must be very reliable - so no ford, vauxhall, peugeot, renault....

Its daft to discount such cars. Measure of reliability: how often do you see cars broken down on the side of the road? very rarely considering the amount of traffic. And if you do, its folly to suggest they are always one of your four. My parents in law swear by toyotas, so my sister in law went out and bought one and ... the gear box went and then the electrics and they eventually got rid of it, much the poorer.
Agreed, certain marques do better than others in surveys, but the RELATIVE difference in reliability is not that great: something like 90% satisfaction at the top end to 70% at the bottom.
I think most cars are pretty well put together these days.

new car for 10-12k any ideas - googolplex
regarding the TDCI, I've just bought one of them and mines fine so far (digits xed) and delivering 45-50mpg. The problem with sites like this is you get to read lots of horror stories and that can be off-putting if you take it all to heart.

Why don't you start by asking what car you'd like if you had never read reviews on this and other sites?


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