After fit remote cent locking - Nsar
Anyone got any words of wisdom on afterfit remote locking systems? I'm now the proud owner of a 1996 A6 Avant SE. Super car but no remote CL (nor incidentally is there a Haynes for this model - v annoying, but probably best in the long run for my quality of life) Any info gratefully accepted.
After fit remote cent locking - Dave_TD
I posted something about this way, way back in the mists of, ooh, September 2002. But do you think I can find it???

I believe most ICE/security installers should be able to add a rolling code remote to your CL for around £100. Me, I'd still like to add it to the Octavia, but I haven't had a spare £100 lying around just yet!
After fit remote cent locking - Gen
Just want to emphasise DTD's rolling code remote comment...don't be tempted to save money on a cheaper system that makes your car vulnerable to thieves.
After fit remote cent locking - andymc {P}
If your car doesn't already have an alarm system, you should be able to fit a remote alarm that's connected to the central locking.
After fit remote cent locking - Dynamic Dave
Isn\'t there a post lurking around somewhere suggesting Maplin do a CL kit?
After fit remote cent locking - henry k
Then search on remote locking. Appears to cost £49.99 incl VAT
I have no idea of fitting costs.
After fit remote cent locking - Nsar
DTD, I did try a search before posting, but like you, nothing came up. Thanks (and to the others here) for your advice.

While I'm on (and this may get shunted to technical), I had it MOT'd on Sat and the advice came back that the CV Boots were perished and close to outright failure. Anyone know what I should be paying for this at a reputable independent?
If one of our beloved moderators is looking at this, if you don't mind, if I haven't had any joy on this question in a couple of hours I'll put a specific post on technical.
After fit remote cent locking - CM
I fitted a Clifford alarm to 2 cars.

Both had central locking but neither were operated by remote. The Clifford alarm system activated central locking via key fob BUT it did not activate the dead locks. Maybe this was wired wrongly but as I sold the car relatively soon after it didn't worry me.


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