Isuzu Trooper - Starter Motor - Olga Danes-Volkov
As we are no longer keeping any livestock, we are selling our trusty, reliable 1998 Isuzu Trooper. It has just got a yr's MOT and has been a wonderful workhorse to us. Needless to say, the moment we've decided to sell it, the starter motor has started to act up. My husband thinks we should probably put a new one on, but reading all the info leads me to suppose it's a s*** job. I'm inclined to ask less and let someone else put a new starter motor on it. My husband thinks if the starter motor spins before it starts, no one buy it. Looking at other ads for Troopers (a brilliant tow car) we are not asking an excessive price and would knock £150 for the start motor.

Any thoughts v much appreciated.
Isuzu Trooper - Starter Motor - gordonbennet

If i saw an ad stating needs new starter i would assume its the same as ''aircon needs a regas'', in other words there's something far worse and much more expensive wrong...i would be suspicious someone had tried a new starter but in fact its the flywheel starter ring damaged, a much more involved fix.

If you can find such a person these days an auto electrician might be able to fix the current (ho ho) starter cheaply, might only need new brushes, though if its spinning and not engaging from what you say it sounds more like the solenoid isn't engaging the starter gear, might be a very easy fix.

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Isuzu Trooper - Starter Motor - Olga Danes-Volkov

Thank you my little star, for that. Just sort of info I needed. Husband now out with WD40 and rubber mallet merely because the starter motor is so inaccessible. If we were still towing horses/sheep/cows et al, we'd do it without thinking about it. Well, we'd probably think about and maybe swear - but it'd get done. Yes, of course, it's solenoid, defo losing my touch mechanically but equally unreachable I fear. Well, it's either multiple swear words or we'll get away with it. It is a fabulous car for the price, judging by all other Isuzu Trooper ads. Anyway once again many thanks.


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