Peugeot 206 parts - URGENT - Phil C
Does anyone know where a friend of mine can source some passenger seat runners for a 99T Pug 206 LX 1.9D (motor factors/breakers/dismantlers etc.) especially in the Yorkshire area.

These seats are the ones with the storage bin underneath them.

Peugeot main dealer will only sell her both sets of runners and crossmember for £107. Only one of the runners has failed - metal stop has disintegrated (slightly worrying on a 2 year old car methinks).

As usual any advice given will be gratefully received.

Re: Peugeot 206 parts - URGENT - Malcolm
If it's made of steel which it no doubt is seek out a local welder/ blacksmith/or small garage who should be able to help you out.
Re: Peugeot 206 parts - URGENT - Charles

Speak to your dealer!!
A 2 year old car should qualify for a 'policy claim' which in other words an out of warranty claim where the owner is asked, in some cases, for a percentage contribution towards the repair. This is only done where a dealer can successfully argue the point with Peugeot. Good luck!!

Warranty! - David Lacey
As long as the service history is up together then a goodwill payment should be considered by Peugeot. But it is slightly worrying that the seat runner, a safety related item, after all, has phsically broken.
If I were Mr Peugeot, I would be very interested in this failure.
If the dealers are unwilling to help, then write/email/call Peugeot Customer Services.

Re: Broken Seat (aside) - Stuart B
Hopefully this broken seat runner wasn't due to Alex bracing herself on the way to the delivery room. Hope alls OK :-)

Mind you just as a comment I think David Lacey's totally right here, its a real safety issue this one which might be a one off, but could be the start of something bigger. No matter how rough the development engineers are with the pre production models, the great British public with its lack of mechanical sympathy still gets up to things that blow ones mind.

regards to all,

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