Vauxhall 1.7 cdti Astravan 2008 - The faulty vauxhall 1.7cdti 6speed m32 gearbox - Alan Colombini
Hi all, I know, another m32 thread. Hear me out though, could do with some advice. Basically my gearbox exploded, mechanic says its irreparable, there's a hole in the casing and it lost all its oil.

Now, most specialists are quoting me around £1000 for a fully recon gearbox delivered without exchange.
Cant afford that, so I'm looking at eBay, and there's a couple of second hand boxes at around 500. Some are with 1 months parts only warranty, but theres one spares company that tells me they actually remove the casing, inspect, and replace any worn parts, and do a 3 month parts only warranty.
Every breaker I've spoken to tells me they've tested the box and they show no symptoms of wear (whining, movement in stick, crunchy etc).

The vans at a local garage, they're waiting for me to get a box delivered and have quoted me 300 to fit.

I just need some general advice about what to do, and what to definately avoid. Maybe some reliable companies to source a box from?
Also i was thinking of supplying some decent oil, and asking them to stick 3 and a half litres (?) in it? Which oil is the best?
My thinking is, as money's tight, even if I get a salvage box, hopefully I'll get lucky and it'll last a while. But if it starts to go, I could then take it to get reconned if I had to.

Oh, also tried a quotes website, and it came back with a few breakers offering one for around £150??? What's that about, I need to contact them on Monday.

Thanks for all your advice guys

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