used mercedes - geoff
Am looking to buy 240 elegance auto 24,000 1 owner reg Jan 98 white for 13,500.
Buying ex MB dealer with signature warranty so should be kosher re mileage etc. as supplied and serviced by them.
Any points I should be watching for.
Have looked at back room and do not appear to be any major issues with 240 auto as such.
If I buy
What should i do about oil changes
approx 8000 per year but not journeys under 5 miles (use shanks 's to get paper in morning etc.

What should I use to keep paintwork in toop nick.
I use aircon all the time so should not have no use problems

Thanks in anticipation.
Re: used mercedes - honstjohn
Fully synthetic changed every 6,000 miles or every 6 months. Keep the paint good with Autoglym Super Resin Polish and Extra Gloss Protection.

Re: used mercedes - Marc
Cannot argue with that. That is exactly what I do with my 190E and it looks and drives fantastic at 11 years old. Some C Class owners have complained about rust in the boot well and rear lock area (see my previous message on this) Keeping the service book stamped up to date will also protect its resale value.
Re: used mercedes - geoff
Thanks for this query.
I guess I stand over Halfords mechanic when he pours in the synthetic at 6 months and I guess Mercedes dealer will be only too happy to charge synthetic prices by the half litre.

Re: used mercedes - fecker
Shouldn't you be maintaining the vital FSH on a Merc of this age rather than changing the oil yourself?
Re: used mercedes - fecker
Halfords? I take it you're talking about topping up the oil rather than getting it serviced there?

Of course Merc services (and lots of others) are a rip off, but it comes with the territory.
Re: used mercedes - geoff
Thanks Fecker for your follow up.Likely to be yearly service intervals as Ii am probably be doing only 8/10000 miles per year so to follow honest johns advice it is likely to be expensive to get MB to just change oil at 6 months but get MB to change oil at scheduled intervals.

Re: used mercedes - Marc
Best thing to do here Geoff is get a Merc agent or independent specialist to do the major 12k maintenance service - proably in the region of £150-£170 at either and get a local garage or tyre chain to do the interim 6k lubrication service which basically consists of an oil and filter change. For fully synth this should be around £35 -£40. That way you still keep your book stamped up to date

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