Volvo barake advise - andy sampson
I have a 1991 Volvo 480 Turbo, The rear nearside handbrake does not operate.

The handbrake cable pulls a lever mounted on the caliper that should operate the caliper piston but does not (does this work mechanicaly via a lever internally??), Is this looking like a new caliper or if i stripped the old caliper down could i get access to repair the handbarake device within.

Any help would be appreciated, Many Thanks in advance!!
Rear Calipers Volvo 400 Series - David Lacey
There is a complicated adjustment procedure, which, if not followed correctly, will render the auto-adjusting mechanism USELESS. I fear that is what has happened here. There is a hex plug on the rear of the caliper and that should be removed and the piston wound back using the nut behind this plug and NOT using a universal pistion wind-back tool directly on thie piston as usual. Volvo had to make something a little different! Believe me, we have made the same mistake. New calipers (Don't bother with re-con units) are the only answer.



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