Focus - A pillar cover - robert

Does anyone know how to remove the n/s A pillar cover on an '02 Focus - whithout resorting to brute force & broken clips.

I need to know to route a cellphone mic cable.

In anticipation.

Focus - A pillar cover - timp
If it's the same as the Focus to '01:

Undo the 2 screws securing the lower A-pillar cover and unclip with the facia side trim.

Unclip (by pressing the cover in) the upper A-pillar cover and putt it upwards.

Focus - A pillar cover - robert

Thanks for the posting. I've had a quick look ...... The bit with 2 screw caps is the lower one. There is then a vertical one - which I think is the one you have described.

The one I want off is the upper one that goes right upto the l/h edge of the windscreen - its quite a big moulding.

Can you add any more advice .....

Regards ....... Robert
Focus - A pillar cover - timp
The upper A-pillar cover I was referring to is the one on the edge of the windscreen. I think you have to unclip it by pressing it away from the retaining clips and pulling it upwards to remove it.

The lower A-pillar cover must be removed with the panel beside the footwell.

Hope this helps... I haven't tried it, I got the info from a Haynes manual.


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