Route advice please - Dundee to Tobermory - Nsar1

Planning a road trip in late June to take my dad down memory lane. Looking for best route Dundee>Tobermory for driving pleasure rather than just eating up the miles, but it's a hefty journey on the back of a longish leg to Dundee the day before so don't want to go down every little B-road or recreate a forest rally.

I drive V40 D4 these days so can get past slow stuff and I like to press on.

Dundee/Perth/Oban is AA's recommendation, but don't know it. I have done Crianlarich>Corran>Lochaline a couple of times which is great, but just wondering about going up via Laggan down to Fort William. About 40 mins longer but if it's a cracker then worth the extra.

Thanks in advance and hello to any old timers here who remember the handle

Route advice please - Dundee to Tobermory - Avant

Welcome back - if I remember right you used to have trouble with Volkswagens. I'm about to follow you down the Volvo route (V60 on order)although the last few cars (a Golf estate and three Octavia vRS estates) have fortunately been trouble-free).

After Crianlarich, Oban is most direct, but the route through Glencoe is more scenic. It's many years since I've been there, but I think the road to Lochaline is very slow. Fort William is surely a bit too far north: if I went there I'd want to take the irresistible Road to the Isles (A830) and cross over to Skye.

If you have time you could perhaps come back by the scenic route.

Route advice please - Dundee to Tobermory - Nsar1 was an A6 that turned me grey, then I had 10 yrs with a Legacy that finally starting showing its age at 165k.

V40 has been good so far (about 20k miles). Am thinking about the V60 D4 for my next car but not sure two Volvos in front of the house isn't a bit too middle aged....

Corran to Lochaline is slow but has fond memories for me too. The Laggan route adds about 30 miles/40 mins over Oban (I think the small time penalty is because the ferry is shorter)

Route advice please - Dundee to Tobermory - RT

I've done all three - plus the Kilchoan ferry instead of Lochaline - it's not easy to choose, so I'd probably pick Dundee/Perth/Tyndrum/Corran/Lochaline/Tobermory.

The two short ferries are cheaper than Oban-Craignure and if either of you has a Blue Badge, the Corran is free.

Route advice please - Dundee to Tobermory - Nsar1

Thanks for that, I think Corran>Lochaline is the one, if there isn't a compelling reason to try the others.

I'll post a few thoughts when I've done it.


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