Auction Visit - midlifecrisis
I visited Tewksbury BCA Auctions on wednesday, doing a recce with a view to buying a replacement car for SWMBO. It was surprising to see just how big the savings were over dealer prices. 51 reg Rover 25 and 45 were fetching around £5500. An 02 plate Laguna dci Dynamic fetched £9600. P and R reg Escorts were around £1500 -1800. Interestingly, I saw some of the cars on a local independents forecourt today. Most had been marked up by £1500, with no apparent preperation.
I'm looking for a small 5 door. Y reg Fiestas, selling for around £5500 on Ford forecourts were going for £3-3500. I think I've summoned up the courage to raise my hand on my return tomorrow.
A side issue of this. I was preparing the wifes 3dr Fiesta for sale today. The Rear wiper has suddenley stopped so I was checking fuses. Saw a gap where a fuse was missing, replaced it and found that the car is fitted with central locking. DOH! The last two years have been spent reaching over to lock/unlock the car. Still, it will make it easier to sell.
Auction Visit - Vansboy
Just checked tomorrows Tewksbury catalogue.You'll need to keep your eyes open on whats on offer.
Looks like a day full of trade-ins. Could be some bargains,plus quite a few, full of other peoples problems.
Listen VERY carefully at the auctioneers description, bet most will be 'without warranty'.
Remember, theres always another one along in a minute!
Auction Visit - Dynamic Dave
Dynamic fetched £9600....

Cool, never new I was worth so much, let alone have a car named after me ;o)
Auction Visit - midlifecrisis
Dynamic/Dynamique-French for 'looks nice but unreliable'. Hope the cap doesn't fit.
Auction Visit - Fullchat
But did you manage to fix your rear wiper?

If not check the following:-

1. The copper pins and contacts situated on the bottom edge of the hatch and on the opposite position on the main body.
2. The earth is through the hinges which get mucky. Pull out the pins ( one at a time!) clean and replace.
Auction Visit - DavidHM
Unless it's a 2.2, that's very strong money for an auction. Actually prices for new Lagunas baffle me, which is a shame as I quite fancy one to replace the 19 in a year or so. I'm hoping to be able to buy a (then) 3 year old with 60-80k for under £5000.

Sometimes it seems easy to get hold of a 2 year old for under £7000, other times world+dog wants £9k. I like the soft seats, Renault style (yes, really) and the safety, but I'm scared of the unreliable reputation and the apparently random pricing of second hand examples.
Auction Visit - mr_right
where do you get the catalogues for the auctions from do you have to visit them before hand?
Auction Visit - eMBe {P}
You get them either from
1. the internet (I am able to view them online sometimes and not at other times) or
2. fax-back service (very expensive!).

HJ has links to auctions in his FAQ somewhere.
Auction Visit - midlifecrisis
Well I took the plunge today and bought a car at Tewksbury. It's a 'W' reg (mar 2001) Renault Clio 1.2 Liberte. 32000 warranted miles and full Renault service history. Metallic red, for £3200. I reckon I've saved about £1500-1700. The wife's very pleased and I'm skint. Anyone want a Fiesta.

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