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I have no idea what I'm talking about so please bare with me.

We have a Corolla Verso T180 D4D bought new in 2006. We were sold the car as a family car, which was ideal. It ran like a dream until we started having problems with the engine maintenance lights coming on which showed a fault with the EGR valve, around April 2008. These problems dragged on, with the car going in to limp mode, until finally the EGR valve was replaced. However, this did not resolve the problem and in 2011 the engine was stripped down. We were told on this occasion that there was an inherent defect with the engine (model not made anymore) and that this couldn't happen again. And it didn't, until Friday.

Engine light on, 10 days after last service and MOT. Limped to Toyota main dealer where we are back to the error code of P0400 the dreaded EGR valve. We've been quoted £452.65 to replace the EGR valve and clean the mainfold but warned that the engine may need to be de-coked at £2100.

To say we're are unhappy would be an understatement. We have a FSH, whilst the car is 10 years old it has a very low mileage.

Has anyone had experience of this? I have a case logged with Toyota GB as we have been told back in 2011 that this is an inherent defect.

Any advice would be gratefully received.

Toyota Corolla Verso - Error code P0400 EGR valve - Railroad.
Sorry to say that a 10 year old diesel with 'very low mileage' is the cause of your problem. Low mileage does not mean low wear, in fact quite the opposite, and even more so with diesel engines, more so than petrols. It's said that 75% of engine wear occurs in the first five miles of every journey. The purpose of the EGR system is for the reduction of NOx emissions, nothing else. The EGR valve is probably in need of a good clean, and more than likely so is the whole air intake system.
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If you google 'dirty EGR valve' and look at some of the images you will see that the problem will be.

EGR, inlet manifold and other pipework will be coked up, particularly on a low mileage diesel where the system never gets warm enough to keep everything clear.

Toyota Corolla Verso - Error code P0400 EGR valve - thefunniefarmer

Thanks for both your replies.

Should I go down the route of replacing the EGR valve or have an air intake service (I think that's what it's called).

I've read that main delaers don't bother with cleaning just switch out the EGR valve>

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Toyota extended warranties on this engine to 7 years.

(loads of iussues including EGR valves).

If you are driving very low miles, the engine is not suited for it but here is what I doi to keep our Yaris D4D OK:

Use ONLY Shell Vpower Diesel. Better celeaning additives.

One journy once a month of at least 30 miles travelling at least at 60mph and faster if possible using at least 2500 rpm all the time to heat the engine up and burn off excess carbon.

NO diesel engine made today will stand very low mileages. They are not designed to do that..

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I assume you're talking about taking it only to main dealers?

I'd suggest you try a local diesel specialist, who'd probably only charge you a fraction of a main dealer to remove and clean the EGR.


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