Petrol v Diesel v Dual Fuel - davo
Is there a quick rule of thumb formula for working out when it becomes more economic to go for a specific type of car. (Thinking high mileage)

Diesels cost more, but do they depreciate less?
Some petrol engines are very fuel efficient and not that far away from diesels.
Will dual fuel always be as cheap as it is now and how much do they depreciate compared to the other two?

Are the Whatcar depreciation tables accurate?

I am somewhat dewildered by the choices available these days and trying to narrow it down!
Petrol v Diesel v Dual Fuel - Marcos{P}
A couple of months ago we worked out what would be the best fuel type for our company cars.
We came to the conclusion that LPG was a complete waste of time and money and there wasn't an awfull lot of difference between petrol and diesel. In the end we opted for diesel and we are very pleased with the end result with diesel being much more driveable over the full range than petrol.
We are saving about £700 a year in fuel costs by opting for diesel and yo also get slightly less depriciation.
A lot of people have said LPG is great as it costs less but it is actually less economical as most people in France and Spain have found and they all seem to use diesel now after an initial boost in LPG sales 10 years ago.
Petrol v Diesel v Dual Fuel - Vansboy
One of our past customers bought a new Sprinter with LPG conversion, for his freight business.
He also bought new valves at 40 & 80,000 miles, as they had burned out!
Result-claim from Mercedes & dealer for £7500,only met after small claims court awarded it to him to him.
He'll probably go back to diesel, next time, but is impressed with actual fuel cost savings.
Petrol v Diesel v Dual Fuel - volvod5_dude
I suppose if you are travelling into London's congestion charge zone on a daily basis LPG is the way to go. Personally I rarely go to London so I'll stick with my diesel for now. However I am extremely tempted by Volvo's new V70R which is out in the late spring!!!

Must book up a test drive.

VD5D or maybe V70R_Dude?


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