Door Mirror change - manymanythanks
Hi all,
I have a Ford Escort 1998. Unfortunately the unit of the passenger side mirror broke as it brushed against a post. What is the cheapest way of replacing it? I was thinking of getting a unit from scrapyard and changing it myself? Is it difficult to change?
Thanks in advance
Door Mirror change - Tim Allcott
Yes, go for it!
Will definitely be cheapest.
Might be worth buying the Haynes Manual if you're heading in this direction. How easy it is will depend on whether it's electric or manual adjustment. If you go to a scrapyard where the items have already been removed from the vehicle, you lose the opportunity to break their plastic trim as you learn how it all comes apart, though.
You will also need to take your own tools with you. If you don't have any, find someone who has, and go with them!
Other thing to consider: is the mirror painted the same colour as the car? If it is, you'll either need to find one in a breakers that's the same colour, or be prepared to buy a can of spray paint and learn how to use it!
alternatives, though, are
a)main dealer (ouch), or
b)insurance company (double ouch.)
I suppose c), though, is finding a friend who has an ounce of mechanical knowledge, and getting them to show you how to do it.
Door Mirror change - madf
look on ebay.. lots of surplus new stock there.

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