306XSi (8v) - Athelred
Morning commute on the motorway, no worries - a little Gang of Four on the stereo - when I notice oil pressure is close to 8 (on a gauge where 8 is the maximum). Engine temperature normal (and I saw it go down a little so I know it was working), doing about 80-90kph in 5th in medium traffic. Checked the oil level yesterday and no problem. Mileage is about 82,000km with service imminent. This high pressure lasted for about 5 minutes until the pressure gauge backed off to between 4 and 6, which coincided with lower revs and speed. Do I panic?

306XSi (8v) - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
Possible sticking oil pressure relief valve. Suggest that prior to service (like the day before) you introduce a quality engine flush to the existing oil and do 10 - 20 gentle miles, then make absolutely sure the correct grade and a good quality oil is used at the service. If problem persists have the pressure sender unit changed before commiting to the greater expense of mechanical investigations.

Regards, Adam
306XSi (8v) - Jase
Temporary Hijack of thread (apologies Athelred).

Adam G, Andrew M etc.. or Any other member of Tune-Up. What is the correct email address to use to contacting you please. The email link from your website results in failed delivery (tuneup@ukmax.co.uk). I have placed a similar post in Discussion if you wish to respond there with Tune-up details.

Hope your 306 recovers Athelred. My friend has a GTi-6 which goes like a rocket. Nice cars.
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