Mk3 Fiesta Owners - check underseal - linac eng
Just washing my '97 1.25 yesterday & noticed the underseal peeling on both n/s and o/s. There's a small patch bubbling up around a bolt adjacent cill & approx in line with the "b" pillar.
I peeled it back to a sound bit & it ended up revealing a patch about 6cm dia.
Gunked some underbody sealer on it.

Looks like a weak point.

Worth checking on yours as it would probably just rot though the day after the antiperforation warranty expires..

Mk3 Fiesta Owners - check underseal - Vansboy
Thats sounds like a 6 year anti-corrosion warranty working to the exact date of expiration!!
How long was yours supposed to be?
Mk3 Fiesta Owners - check underseal - linac eng

I seem to recall it may be 7 years but I suspect it's an antiperforation and not anti-corrosion warranty so they wouldn't entertain a claim until it had rotted through. The steel also has what looks like an additional coating that would probably make it last that long!

Mk3 Fiesta Owners - check underseal - Fullchat
If thats a seat mounting bolt I would scrape all the underseal away around the area of the reinforcing plate as moisture gets bebind and rots the floor. Very common MOT failure area on Fiestas of this vintage. Be ruthless cos the MOT will be. Lift the carpet and the tell tale signs will be on the inside, Its not too much of a job to repair but will require welding.

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