Auction ideas - midlifecrisis
I'm having to change my wifes three door Fiesta Zetec for a five door car. (Second child arrived). I reckon on getting around £3500 for a jan 2000 1.25 zetec with 30 000 miles and FSH. I thought I'd try an auction for its replacement. ( Tewksbury )
I would like to ask those in the know what £3500 would buy. The only requirement is 5 door and no bigger than escort size. Any make/model/spec. Ideas please
Auction ideas - NWS
I'm trying to sell a T reg 1.25lx 5 door with Zetec engine, first reg 06/99 with 32,500 and FSH, we're the 2nd owner. Best part ex offer so far is £3,200. V's with similar mileage are in Auto Trader at £3.5k so you may struggle.
Auction ideas - midlifecrisis
I've been offered £3500 p/x (sight unseen) by a Ford dealer against an immaculate P reg Escort 1.8 ghia x with 50'000 miles and FSH (£3795). (I was wearing my Police uniform at the time). I think the escort is overpriced, hence the good p/x offer. I've also been offered £3200 on a straight sale to an independent dealer. Our Fiesta is a very nice metallic green with four spoke alloys, fogs, etc. A very saleable car on a forecourt
Auction ideas - midlifecrisis
Doesn't anybody visit the auctions?


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