Adieu Avantime? - Citroënian {P}
Reading todays Motoring Telegraph, there's a oblique reference to the demise of the Avantime, with the closure of the plant making it.

Does anyone know for certain if it's been consigned to the great car-park in the sky? Shame if so, but then they're hardly clogging up the roads so understandable.

Adieu Avantime? - T Lucas
Best place for them,can you imagine the drama of owning one,paying for it with your own hard earned.Not even the French or Belgians will buy them,enough said.
Adieu Avantime? - DavidHM
Yes, it has been canned and production will end in July or thereabouts.

It's partly because sales have been pitiful (hardly surprising as the prospective residuals are scary) but because of contractual difficulties.

Matra, who used to build the old, plastic-pannelled Espace and the Avantime, has been sold to a new owner. The factory is too large to justify even the intended volume of Avantime production, and the Espace is now made out of metal. Renault doesn't have the expertise or capacity to build the car in house, so it's been consigned to the scrap heap.

To be honest, this was fairly obvious, given that the Avantime was introduced so late in the Espace platform's life. It was announced as a concept in 99 and might have made some sense as an image builder if it had gone into production then as the run would have been about 4 years. Instead, it's actually lasted less than two.


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