Which Petrol ? - Paul Bailey
Have only just found HJ website.
Can any one tell me if their is a diffrence from useing BP petrol or switching to Jet , Are they all the same ? I can take a slight detour on my way back from work and fill up with Shell but this is more expensive.
Which Petrol ? - 3500S
Any except Fina, Total and Elf. I don\'t like the hypocrisy of filling my car up with Iraqi oil.

I usually use BP or Shell.
Which Petrol ? - alex
But how can you be sure from which country your petrol is sourced ?

According to many postings under \"Supermarket petrol\" made in July 2002 the conclusion, from ex-tanker drivers, was that all the petrol comes down to the line from the refinery to the distribution depot. Only when the drivers leave the depot do they insert the correct additives for each petrol brand.
Which Petrol ? - Doc
Buy the cheapest you can find, with the relevant British Standard number.
Which Petrol ? - chris p crisps ©
Buy the cheapest you can find, with the relevant British Standard

this subject has been discussed many times the cheapest is not ussually the most economical in terms of m.p.g.ie cheap suppermarket fuel petrol or diesel does not return a high m.p.g as branded fuels do. I have proved this over the last 30 years or so 30-40 k miles per year driving.

Which Petrol ? - 3500S
As TotalFinaElf are the French oil company that has sole access to the Bin Umar and Manjoon oil fields in Iraq courtesy of a direct deal with Mr. Hussein.
Which Petrol ? - Thommo
Don't worry about TFE's deal with Saddam, this will be cancelled the instant that Saddam is removed from power and replaced by a puppet government who will do a deal with a US oil major. The French will scream for compensation but given their performance in the UN they will get zip.

As to petrol, petrol is petrol, it all comes out the same end of the refinery. Tanker drivers fill up with petrol then add their own additives depending on which company they work for, whether these additives are worth paying extra for I really do not know but I suspect that unless you have a high performance vehicle they are not. Most people would seem to agree as the supermarkets went from 0% of the petrol retail market to 50% virtually overnight.
Which Petrol ? - Fat Bald Man
Cheap petrol,sticking valves,why bother.Run on Esso.
Which Petrol ? - Trisha TR
Usually I stick to Texaco - this is due chiefly to the fact that I pass thru' Corby (Northants) everyday on way to/from work and it's cheaper than the local Supermarket by about 2/3p a litre.

However... (TRishaTR stands back ever-so-carefully bludgeons a hole into a hornets nests)..... on the last two occasions I've filled up with Shell Optimax, and I have to say I've noticed a significant improvement in performance. It's too early to say about MPG - I'd measure this over about 4 tankfuls. Even with the added performance boost I'm not sure it warrants the 3/4p a litre extra.

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