Vectra CDX comp/controls - andycap
Having taken the bull by the horns now in charge of this piece of GM craftsmanship the comp has thrown a wobbly can these be reset and/or how much to re-place? also on the left hand stalk there are some buttons that do not seem to do much, sussed the radio/comp /wipers but these have me baffled !!help anyone
Vectra CDX comp/controls - SpamCan61 {P}
Assuming the Vectra is the same as the Omega then the buttons on the end of the L/H stalk are for the cruise control.

Could you elaborate on the 'comp has thrown a wobbly' as this is a bit difficult to diagnose ;-)
Vectra CDX comp/controls - andycap
ah !cruise control such lux. Well the comp readings are re-settable but speed /temp /trip all jump from 0 to very high inc 95deg!! there looks like a line of dots is missing as well on radio display, with the manual its a bit difficult to sus out !!
Vectra CDX comp/controls - SpamCan61 {P}
If you surf the web a bit then you will find that the line missing from the display is quite a common fault; I don't know of a fix other than replacing the whole thing; which undoubtedly costs loadsamoney.

Don't have any bright ideas on the flashing display.
Vectra CDX comp/controls - Deryck Tintagel
I have the CDX and , yes, the LH controls are for cruise.

Top button furthest from the wheel = SET / tap up
Top button closest to the wheel = RESUME / tap down
Bottom button = OFF


When set, the cruise is disabled when the clutch or brake is depressed.

If the accelerator is pressed to travel faster than the set speed then when it is released the car will return to the previously set speed.

Tap up and tap down increment in 1.2mph steps.

You could try removing power to the display / computer unit - I think that this is on the same fuse as the radio so don't bother unless you have the security code for the radio.
Vectra CDX comp/controls - andycap
Many Thanks for the advice,I think the whole unit is prob faulty rather than the sensors I might get friendly GM chap to plug in and test it out of curiosity !!

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