Sharan brakes - cabsmanuk
My 1998 Sharan has an annoying hissing noise coming from the brake pedal for the last couple of years. It?s present most of the time but not all the time. A slight depression of the pedal stops the hissing. Braking is not affected and the car has just passed it?s MOT. The noise comes from very close to the pedal and is obviously something to do with the servo vacuum. The same thing happened to my last car a Sierra which had the noise for 4 years. Any Ideas?
Sharan brakes - paulvm
Had exactly the same on an Alhambra a while back.
Eventually found a small hole had worn in the feed pipe to the servo across the top of the engine, close to the bulkhead.
With the bonnet open carefully run your hand along the servo feed pipe to check for escaping air.
Mine flexed slightly when applying the brakes so pushing the pipe against the bulkhead and sealing the hole! This meant that the noise disappeared when applying the brakes.
Hope this helps.

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