Mark Nicol videos - groaver

Does he have some dirt on HJ that he is holding him to ransom to enable him to make those videos?

Mark Nicol videos - RichT54

I don't know who he is so I watched his CR-V video review.

What utter rubbish - complete d*****!

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Mark Nicol videos - Falkirk Bairn

Very poor - and that is an understatement.

Mark Nicol videos - alan1302

Who is he? What's he doing?

Mark Nicol videos - Engineer Andy

I think too many 'budding motoring journalists' (if that) are trying to ape the Hamster and that (IMO) wally off Fifth Gear in being 'the clown' to try and distinguish themselves from the rest of 'the pack' as a sort of YouTube CV for prospective TV show producers, and, to be honest, it ain't workin'.

By all means add in a bit (note: a bit) of humour into reports, but don't try it on for the majority of the video - a) this isn't Top Gear, an entertainment show, but a motoring website where people are there to find out useful information to make an informed choice when purchasing a car, and b) doing so (and badly) makes you look like a complete berk (I did think about replacing it a word starting with a "k" + and "-end").

Mark Nicol videos - John Boy

When part of my job was producing training and promotional videos, I read a manual on the topic by someone whose work I admired. In the scriptwriting section, he covered humour in just two sentences:

"Only include a joke if it's still funny after you've heard it fifty times (there's no such thing as a joke which is still funny after you've heard it fifty times)".

It's not entirely true, of course, but very effective given that I can remember it after twenty years!

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Mark Nicol videos - oldroverboy.

If it is spam to get me to watch the videos, there is no chance....

Mark Nicol videos - catsdad
I seem to in a minority here as I like his reviews. He tests accessible cars rather than super cars and gives practical information in an engaging way. The ones he is accused of copying now seem to be mainly about making the tyres smoke and stupid hyperbole. Same as many newspaper reviews, often exotica and tedious rambling intros make up half the article before the car itself is mentioned.
Mark's reviews strike a balance that I enjoy.
Mind you HJ video reviews are the best but are now rarer.

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