Ferries to France - hss41
I have been comparing price for travelling to Germany via France in May on the Web. The prices differences are

Eurotunnel 243
Sea France 213
P&O 212
Norfolk Line 169

Has any one had any bad experience of travelling on the cheaper one or any of the others ?. I know it goes further up the coast and takes a little longer but is it worth it.
Ferries to France - PR {P}
I usually go P+O. The big advantage is if you get there early / late then you can get on another ferry, with NL you could be waiting for hours. Also if you require hotels? a good site to use is www.drive-alive.co.uk, or if not www.ferry.co.uk
Ferries to France - T Lucas
I will only use Brittany Ferries,not much use for your destination,but they make the likes of P&O look like floating sheds,crewed by coudn't careless oiks!
Ferries to France - Mike H
Could try Hoverspeed Newhaven-Dieppe, not posh but clean.
Ferries to France - NVH
I just started using the "cheap" Dover-Dunkirk ferry and like it.
Mainly freight. Clean & modern ships. Not overcrowded outside the obvious peak times.
The longer 2 hour crossing is offset by shorter queues.
Take cash in pounds to pay for items on the boat as the exchange rate for Euros used to be known as robbery on the high seas.

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