Supersites Up North - NWS
Prices at Trade Sales seem to be a fair bit keener than Motorpoint, the Burnley branch of which is near me, but I'm a bit put off making the trip to Slough on spec having read reports here of cars not being in stock etc or going all the way and being offered a risible trade-in price, particulalry if they clock my address. Are there are any Northern supersites able to get near Trade Sales prices? By Northern I'd say up to 2 hours drive time from Manchester.
Supersites Up North - mark
You could pop into Ford of Winsford down here in Cheshire or as you say there is a Motorpoint in Burnley.

I have been to Fords a few times. However their PX offers are laughable (sell privately). They seem to be "what can you afford each month" type merchants when offering finance followed by "well for £100 per month you could have this E-Class Merc" leaving you to find out you will still be paying it off in 2015 and end up paying 2x what the sticker says. I did take the salesman to task last time I went with a friend who was told "the APR is not important its what it costs each month".

Check the specs carefully a lot of the new stuff comes from Ireland but their prices are not too bad.

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Supersites Up North - NWS
Bought from them last time (should have said so in my post, sorry) - cash purchase so not whacked by daft finance. Been looking at their list, but not as good price wise as Trade Sales
Supersites Up North - smokie
I think it's reasonable to accept that if you are buying at rock bottom retail then your trade in will not be good. The guys have to make SOMETHING to live on, after all
Supersites Up North - NWS
Agreed, just trying to start out from the most advantageous position, assuming I'll be offered book or a wee bit below whichever supersite I go to. I live half a mile up a bumpy farm track so selling privately is a non-starter as everyone will assume the suspension is shot, which it isn't but first impressions are the name of the game aren't they!
Supersites Up North - smokie
I recently bought a V reg Focus Ghia at auction which, despite me being Joe Public Mug Punter, knocked spots off the prices at Trade Sales and Motorpoint.

But having visited Trade Sales when I was looking, then looked at Ford Winsford's web page, my feeling was that Winsford might have been a better place to buy for price and after sales service. Nothing specific against Trade Sales however. And had I visited Winsford I might well have felt different. Dunno, it didn't happen! But their prices looked pretty keen...
Supersites Up North - borasport20
Well I bought my car from F.O.W. just over a year ago, the price they gave me for my px was about par with what various books & websites were claiming, and when I said i'd arrange my own finance, nobody tried to sell me their finance

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Supersites Up North - Citroënian {P}
There's a large supermarket in Bradford, can't recall the name at the moment but it's on the same stretch as most of the other garages (JCT600, Peugeot, Alfa, Seat) and near Odsall stadium. Might be worth a look.

Supersites Up North - NWS
Motorpoint valued my p/ex at almost £1000 less than a local dealer. Nuff said!
Supersites Up North - smokie
Not quite nuff said NWS - are you comparing like-for-like with your intended purchase? And was the local dealer considerably more expensive to start with?
Supersites Up North - Ben79
There's a large supermarket in Bradford, can't recall the name at
the moment but it's on the same stretch as most of
the other garages (JCT600, Peugeot, Alfa, Seat) and near Odsall stadium.
Might be worth a look.

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Supersites Up North - steveb
I bought my Vectra from one of the supersites mentioned above - I won't mention the name because they offered very poor service IMO and the backroom rules about libel etc. The trade in was very low, however I completely accept the argument about prices and making a profit etc.

The car on pickup was missing - 2nd transponder key, radio code (and radio uncoded & innoperative), wheel jack & wrench, plus front tyres replaced however completely un-balanced, congealed coke going mouldy in front centre armrest.

This lost cost >£100 to get sorted - I know they sell cheaply - and an email to the sales director got a £50 cheque as a goodwill guesture. I just don't consider this is acceptable service however from ANY car dealer, and I'd have to think seriously about buying from them again.

Supersites Up North - SteveH42
I suspect Supersites are only good for certain makes of car. I went to Ford's, mainly looking at Yarii, but also looking in the £3k bracket as an alternative. Their trade-in was about what I'd been offered elsewhere on my Tipo, but far less than I ended up getting from a Toyota dealer. The only 2nd hand Yaris they had in was a right shed - loads of scratches, supposedly valeted, but not very well, and drove like a tank. It was a GS V reg as opposed to the GLS W reg I bought, about twice the mileage and the price after trade-in was only about £800 less. Also, all their 'New' Yarii were imports, yet not massively cheaper than genuine UK ones.

The other cars I looked at weren't massively impressive either, and again not that much cheaper than I'd seen locally.

Also I was made to feel that they weren't happy that I was planning to take a bank loan rather than finance. In general, I wasn't as impressed as I expected to be...

YMMV of course, but I don't think I'll be going back there when I change this car.

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