chrysler grand voyager 2.8 diesel 2006 stow & go - exhaust back box - paullincoln

Not one of the "normal" exhaust companies, local or national have been able to obtain or even quote for replacement system for my car!

I very easily managed to get front "cat" pipe for it online, next day delivery for £109. Brilliant! But the only place i can find that will supply rear section is main dealer. Ah. I hear you sigh, Too b***** right!

My original rear pipe is manufactured in one piece (presumably fitted at factory) now, the dealers say it is split into 2 parts, and wait for it.... each piece is nearly £500 each.

Is it me or am i wrong.. this is just a mild steel exhaust with 2 silencers that can be purchased online for under a £100 for the non stow & go version.

Ok its no doubt a different shape and size, but not £900 different!!!!

Please, any suggestions, links, help would be brilliant, maybe a custom built SS exhaust cant be any more? thanks. paul


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