Second-hand Clio - pugdriver
Been looking at a Clio to replace my wife's 205 diesel - seen a nice one, P/96, 63k, four door 1.9 RT, with PAS and lecky windows. It's a local dealer, so there's a lot of boxes ticked. Now the screen price is 3250, he won't entertain any offer below 3000. It's been on the forecourt for several months now, would I be daft to give him the three grand he's after?

I'm keeping the little Pug,so there's no trade-in to consider, just a cash sale. I've been looking around for a while, and this car is the one that most suits what we're looking for. I'd really like to buy it, and at 2750 I'd be happy to hand over the dosh. Grateful for any advice please.

Second-hand Clio - Peter D
Better price may be available after Friday as it's new registration day and the dealers will have lots of trade ins thus will be over stocking and may let it or a better one go at a better price. Regards Peter
Second-hand Clio - edisdead {P}
He's probably spotted your enthusiasm for the car, and is banking on you eventually coughing up the 3k for it. Go back in a couple of weeks - if it's still there, he may change his mind. If it's gone, you've not lost anything. Another one will come along.
Second-hand Clio - Maz
Closing on a minor point is an excellent technique for all walks of life.

Eg you ask him if he wants payment by credit card or cash. He'll say cash. Ask him if he'd rather have £2900 on the credit card or £2750 cash.

Faced with this question, most people will answer one or the other, which gives you a new avenue of approach. Even if he says Credit card you can ask best price for cash, which'll be below £2900.

The technique works even better if you can find something wrong with the car. Eg it would cost £250 to get new tyres put on. Would you prefer £2,750 or £3,000 with new tyres.

Second-hand Clio - Andrew-T
P-d - Parker's thought a 96P DRT Clio was worth £3085 top whack last June, and most prices have dropped a lot since then. Seems to me your offer of £2750 is very reasonable.
Second-hand Clio - M.M
It's a stupid price. If he has it much longer he'll be looking to punt it out in the trade to "refresh" the forecourt.

I'd say he'll be looking well under £2000 for that option. You should go for £2500 absolute tops.

Dealers always ask far too much for small diesels.

Second-hand Clio - pugdriver
Many thanks for all of the advice - as suggested I left it in the dealer's hands and he called me back last Friday. We did a deal at £2950 which included a full service with cambelt and two new tyres on the front. I'm happy now and so is Mrs. Pug!

Second-hand Clio - midlifecrisis
I've just bought a 2000 'W' Clio, with 32000m and FSH for £3200 at auction. It's easy, the mileage is warranted and the car is like new. Sorry I never saw this thread before you bought. An approved car at auction is the way to go. There were LOTS of main dealers at the auction last friday.It was an eye opener in every respect.
Second-hand Clio - pugdriver
Yeah, we knew about the auction route but wifey did not want to schlep around loads of places to get what she wanted. Her brief was 4 doors and power steering, I wanted the diesel engine and space dictated the size of car. As she is paying for it I'm not too bothered!

Second-hand Clio - clariman
Three grand for that second hand clio would be a good deal, so if you can get it for that price, you\'re laughing!

Second-hand Clio - clariman
Can any of the mods fix my, ahem, Freudian spelling mistake!

Second-hand Clio - Rob the Bus
Hehehe, clariman! That has to be the greatest typo this forum has ever seen!

Actually, would a Clio be ok as a run-about for me, SWMBO and two kids under 7? We no longer have a huge pram, so boot space isn't as important as it once was. We go to Scotland once a year and would hire a larger car, unless I should factor this into the equation and buy something bigger in the first place. Any thoughts?

Second-hand Clio - clariman
Hi Rob.

A CLIO (there, I can spell) may be a little bit of a squeeze if you have a lot of luggage for the 4 of you. But on the whole wouldn't be too bad.

Perhaps the next size up would be a good idea. For 3 grand, could that be an Escort / old Mondeo?

Second-hand Clio - Rob the Bus
Clariman - wasn't being overly sarcastic. You've just given me the best laugh I've had all day!

Already own a Ford. I wouldn't mind something different. Plus, shortly I'm going to become a mature student doing a teaching degree so I need something that's going to cost buttons to run. Many thanks for your post, though. Any more help would be gratefully received. Actually, I'm going to start a new thread. I don't want to hi-jack somebosy else's.
Second-hand Clio - clariman
"somebosy" - ha !

Second-hand Clio - Rob the Bus
Yes, yes, yes, I realise the irony. However, I still feel that your typo is far more amusing than mine! Anyway, we have deviated greatly from the subject in hand, so we'd better behave!
Second-hand Clio - DavidHM
I drive a big Clio, a Renault 19. It's not quite as cute looking but it does the job, and a nice M plater for well under a grand could have 5 years left in it. It'll also have all the toys and probably even an airbag. Parts are cheap, by and large, and the car's easy to work on - probably easier than a Clio because it's essentially the same components in a bigger body. Even a 1.4 has decent performance.

It's not got the *best* reputation for reliability, but it's not as bad as the sceptics on here would suggest.


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