02 Mondeo drive judder - Mondeo Man 100000.....

Anyone encounter a judder from the drive, when driving off, especially when attempting a turn at same time?
Sometimes there is a loud 'thud' from the drive train, under similar circumstances, which does not sound healthy.

....or is just my poor clutch control?

02 Mondeo drive judder - Flat in Fifth
Or is it more like a grating/groaning from the steering?
02 Mondeo drive judder - Pete F
Check the engine mounts as a suggestion.
02 Mondeo drive judder - tall paul
sounds similare to my problem, i get a clunk sometimes when i change gear and when the engine is cold if i rev it hard i get a clunk as if the engine mountings are worn but they look ok. i wondered if it was a broken spring on the clutch plate?
02 Mondeo drive judder - kithmo
Does it have traction control ?
02 Mondeo drive judder - tall paul
no it does not have traction control, but i have also noticed a tendency to start to kangaroo when decelerating or coasting. when the engine is first started if i rev it hard there's a clunk when you let the rev's off as if the engine is bouncing on it's mountings, this goes away after a few min's. the mountings look ok (i think?). the clunk from the grear change seems almost due the the big chunk of metal that is hung on the end of the cable that goes the gear box as if it's loose but that also looks ok.

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