Golf MkIII tailgate rotting - Andrew Wills
despite wax injection, the (original) tailgate on 1994 VR6 has "gone" in 2 places - a (second hand car) dealer tells me this is "quite common" ..
any other victims out there, please?
as with Polo doors, does VW has a rust problem?

Re: Golf MkIII tailgate rotting - Michael
the current golf has a 12 year corrosion warranty - not sure about the 94 model but it seems a bit early to start rusting, unless it has been the victim of a dubious repair.
Re: Golf MkIII tailgate rotting - honestjohn
After Andrew made his point I'm taking a look at every Mk III Golf tailgate I see. MK IIIs weren't electro-galvanised, so don't get the 10 - 12 year warranty. Mk IVs are galvanised, so do. (But so is just about everything else these days including Focuses, Mondeos. Astras and most Citroens, but excluding Hondas.)

Re: Golf MkIII tailgate rotting - Malcolm
Heard so much about VW's being a quality car back in 1989 I decided to buy a golf 1.6 Driver. I only kept that car for 13 months during which time the tailgate was replaced under warranty because of rust appearing around the wiper. Also it had a fault which 3 different dealers failed to cure, the car would intermittently lose power and finally just die often when climbing a hill and after many frantic calls from my wife saying it had died yet again the decision was taken to get shot of it. Yes earlier threads about the VW urban myth are correct as far as I am concerned and I have never touched one since.
Interesting to note that Honda do not galvanise their cars because we have a Honda civic which is 10 years old with not a speck of rust on it anywhere and have just bought another one on the strength of it although I have been unlucky to have had a few very unusual mechanical faults so far.
Regards Malciolm.
Re: Golf MkIII tailgate rotting - Pete Fincher
My Mark III Gti had some rust appearing just above the plastic trim thay runs along just above the number plate and holds the boot lock escutcheon and number plate lights. When this was removed the area around the lamp holder had rusted quite badly as well. I was told that this was quite common.


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