rover 820 p reg starting probs - martin_n
I have a Rover 820 ('97) P reg, bought it last Nov
generally dead straight motor
with service history , with 76K now 80K

But twice this winter I have had problems starting it, both times the symptoms are similar ; it is reluctant to fire ,
it seems to fire once then doesnt seem to try, if you keep turning it over it might just catch , but runs lumpy till its warm, then its fine.
I put a strobe on it and it seemed to be ok on the HT.

It only has 4 HT leads and a potted in coil with all the 4 plug leads coming from that and no dizzy as such if thats of any relevance.

help please
rover 820 p reg starting probs - Cyd
Two problems I've had which have caused starting problems on my 820 turbo are 1. dying battery - the engine turned over fine but refused to start and 2. HT leads - the standard articles are carp, I replaced with Magnacor KV85 racing leads; try looking under the bonnet in the pitch dark to see if they are sparking across each other.
rover 820 p reg starting probs - martin_n
thanks for that
I have changed the HT leads 2 weeks ago , but only for std
rover ones.the old ones looked poor and must have been original
I'll watch the battery and try jumping it if I get the chance
next time .


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