astra 17td cold starting - marty
i have a 96n astra 1.7td that is hard to start when cold it has the vauxhall engine fitted, i have had new glow plugs and a new battery fitted and it still wont start when its hot no problem
any ideas.
astra 17td cold starting - Hew Jamsandwich
You've had new glow plugs fitted but do they actually work? Try putting a voltmeter across the plug supply when they should be on.
astra 17td cold starting - Dude - {P}
In extremely cold weather, I used to find that if you repeat the glow plug heating exercise, by quickly turning the key off after the dash indicator light goes out, and then back on to heat the glow plugs a second time, this should really help. It certainly worked for me, on an Izuzu engined Cavalier TD.
astra 17td cold starting - Dave N
Doesn't this engine suffer from valve seat regression causing cold start probs?
astra 17td cold starting - Carl
Don't know if you have used aftermarket glowplugs, as the OE ones are NGK and only sold through Vauxhall dealers at £40 EACH

Vauxhall list three different glowplugs for the 1.7TD engine depending on engine number

I had a set replaced at a Vauxhall dealer, and they never did start the car as good as the orginals. Replaced two glowplugs a couple of years later and discovered that the dealer had fitted the wrong ones, when the correct ones were fitted the car started first time every time.
astra 17td cold starting - googolplex
Doesn't this engine suffer from valve seat regression causing cold start

Yes, if mine and lots of other's experiences are anything to go by. There are several threads about the isuzu 1.7 in these cars, haven't got time to find them now, but do a search and they should come up. I had same problem on Cav 1.7td and once the necessary adjustments were made by Vauxhall there was never a problem again - and its done over 100K since that job.

astra 17td cold starting - andymac
two of my work colleages had bad starting problems withh 1700 vauxhall diesels, one a td astra with isuzu engine, the other a non - turbo corsa 1700 with vauxhall engine. the diagnosis by local vauxhall specialist was that the valve clearances required adjusting. this was duly done, no more starting problems. another colleage has just bought a vectra td and this is displaying similar starting difficulties, we have pointed him towards our local vauxhall man.
astra 17td cold starting - Railroad
Is this a GM Opel known as a 1.7DTL nicknamed 'Lo-Blow', or the Isuzu 1.7TD engine?

If it's the GM engine, the valve clearances are maintained using hydraulic lifters, and so should not go out of adjustment.
If it's the Isuzu then they have to be shimmed and so could cause a problem. Is the valve timing correct? Is the pump timing correct? Check for air leaks around the fuel filter, and to the pump. Also check or replace the leak off pipes, as air could be getting in causing fuel to drain back to the tank over night. Vectra's are terrible for this.

The best way to check glow plugs without removing them is to measure how much current they draw. They should draw about 20amps each, ie. 80amps in total to start with, and that will fall as they heat up because their resistance will lower.

The 1.7DTL engine has a coolant temp sensor which tells the glow plug relay engine temperature. The colder the engine, the longer the glow plugs will be switched on. Does this happen on yours? Does the glow plug lamp stay on longer when the engine is colder. Also check to make sure the glow plug relay is working, make sure you hear it click, and that you have a live feed on both the in and out with the ignition on.
astra 17td cold starting - Railroad
Also, first check when cranking the engine from cold, is there any white/grey smoke from the exhaust? If there is then fuel is being injected but not igniting and you should be looking at a pre-heating problem such as glow plugs, relay, or a loss of cylinder compression.

If not, then check fuel system as I described above.
astra 17td cold starting - marty
i have had the car checked out in a garage and the problem was the electrical sender unit on the back of the fuel pump was not working meaning it was not getting the signal from the brain to pump more fuel when cold.thanks for all your advice perhaps this may help somebody else in the future as we all didnt think of this

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