Peugeot 307 SW - O ring size? - sarahf

Hi I wonder if anyone can help? My husband thinks there is a problem with the O ring on pipe to heater matrix causing a small leak to passenger footwell. He is able to do the work but we can't find the correct size for it anywhere, even Peugeot say they wouldn't know the size. Can anyone help with this info as he doesn't want to start it and then find he's got the wrong size which will leave me carless...

Any help would be much appreciated

Thank you

Peugeot 307 SW - O ring size? - elekie&a/c doctor

Can you not just order the correct O rings from Peugeot dealer?Why would they need to know the size?

Peugeot 307 SW - O ring size? - Peter.N.

... or buy a box of assorted ones, they are not very expensive.


Peugeot 307 SW - O ring size? - bathtub tom

In my experience, there's too many different 'O' ring sizes to suggest buying a box of assorted ones - you'd need thousands.

I'd recommend buying the part from a Peugeot dealer. May cost a bit, but probably less than buying all the possible combinations.


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