Diesel scrappage scheme - Trilogy


Hope owners will be fully compensated if this happens. Some of these are classics now worth several thousand pounds. Some people are running them on veggie oil because of cost/pollution benefits.

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Diesel scrappage scheme - Smileyman

should also apply to petrol engined cars that are less efficient to run

Diesel scrappage scheme - Bromptonaut

I's just BoJo sounding off.

Diesel scrappage scheme - Bolt

I's just BoJo sounding off.

Nothing new, though I think he`s more worried about the fines for poor air quality than the air itself.

some say good air quality is not achievable,I agree, not in the timeframe specified anyway

Diesel scrappage scheme - RT

I's just BoJo sounding off.

He never seems to connect his mouth with his brain - fact is that if he gets his way by banning diesels in London, it no concern of his if the rest of the country keeps using them.

I'm cool with the idea of being banned from London - it's not a place I'd want to go to.

London's problem is too many people crammed into a small area - fast forward 50 years and politicians wiil be calling for Londoners to stop breathing on alternate days as they're creating too much CO2 !!!

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Diesel scrappage scheme - focussed

I would like to introduce a scrappage scheme for politicians and useless green campaigners who can't mind their own business.

Diesel scrappage scheme - tanvir
There cant be many of these sorts of cars left, so whats the point?
Diesel scrappage scheme - gordonbennet

Part of the softening up propaganda to get enough bandwagon drones enlisted for the tax grab.

Are we going to see Islington mothers on their fashionable crusade of the moment, with Diesel drivers this time, just how it was done a few years ago when the so called Chelsea tractor was the target of heavy taxation, or envy.

As for another scrappage scheme, didn't they learn enough last time, when far too many low mileage well kept premium older cars were scrapped, because the owners who kept them well could afford to replace them, meanwhile the rotten death traps that hadn't been serviced for 5 years carried on because their owners were potless anyway.

Just another politician trying to keep themself climbing the greasy gravy pole.

Diesel scrappage scheme - corax

I have a better idea - all the older diesels in London can be shipped out and sold in auction or Ebay to the rest of the UK, and all other areas can be left alone.

How many of these older models are running huge mileages anyway?

Diesel scrappage scheme - Sofa Spud

The best scrappage scheme would be one for scrapping old, inefficient cars and replacing them with new, efficient ones.

One way to do this would be on engine size - it's a bit clumsy but larger engined cars tend to use more fuel than small-engined ones.

So I'd suggest the scheme could apply to cars with an engine capacity of over 2500cc (whether petrol or diesel), if replaced by a new car of under 1500cc as long as it meets certain standards for fuel consumption and emissions.

There could even be a 'scrappage plus' version of the scheme if the scrapped big car is replaced by a hybrid, and 'scrappage plus - plus' if it's replaced by a fully electric car.

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