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Limp mode happens rarely but car can be driven again after 15 minutes. Will a hard drive (how hard?) regenerate the dpf. problem - hardly any dual carriageway in my part of Norfolk. Can I use A roads in a lower gear?

Ford S Max 07 2.00 Titanium - dpf limp mode - craig-pd130

I found the Ford DPF system on my 2008 Mondeo to be fairly robust. You don't need high speeds to start a regeneration. As long as you're doing about 45mph in 4th gear (that is, around 2,000rpm), that's plenty.

You may need to drive for up to 30 minutes to get the regeneration started and see it through to completion. You will know when it is finished when the engine cooling fan cuts out - it runs constantly when the DPF is regenerating.

Ford S Max 07 2.00 Titanium - dpf limp mode - skidpan

Never driven a DPF equipped car yet that needs high speed/high revs to start a regen. The ECU decides when conditions have been met and the driver cannot influence that.

The handbook will tell you what to do when the light flashes. On both of our DPF equipped cars the advice was the same. Drive at between 1500 and 2000 rpm for approx 20 to 30 minutes.

Ford S Max 07 2.00 Titanium - dpf limp mode - Railroad.
The driver does not decide how the engine runs on a modern car. The ECM does. All the driver does is make inputs into the ECM via the pedals. The ECM will decide when to regenerate the DPF, and the procedure will be aborted if the driver thinks he knows better and decides he wants to rag it. As stated above, the ECM will commence the regeneration process when you're driving at a fairly constant speed with the engine at normal working temperature. Typically on a motorway.

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